Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Wrath of the Godfather - Lamidi and Ladoja Rumble

This is a classic “Prodigal Son” case. Except in this instance the prodigal son does not get a feast and forgiveness. Instead, he is shunned and sternly disciplined. Today’s impeachment and alleged subsequent arrest of the Oyo state governor, Rashidi Ladoja, is another episode in the unfolding political soap opera that is currently playing across the Nigerian polity. Even though arguably malafide in intent, it is a welcome development as it goes to show that governors can no longer sit tight and prim as they go about perpetrating acts of gross misconduct and blatant corruption.

Lamidi Adedibu, the defacto leader and political demigod of Oyo, and the field marshal of the Oyomesi has once again flexed his political muscles. Reminiscent of the Adelakun – Ige saga of the early 1980s, once again the political godson has incurred the wrath of the political godfather. In a Mafioso-styled political system such as the one in Oyo, it is asinine for a political godson, who has, so to speak, made a pact with the devil, to think that he can outmaneuver the devil himself.

This is what you get when you dine with the devil and don’t do his bid. I bet right thinking Oyo citizens would prefer that both the political godson and political godfather be indicted, but for now are content with the godson. Godfathers are often more difficult to indict, but with any luck, perhaps someday soon, right thinking Oyo citizens will have their wish.

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