Monday, January 02, 2006

Buhari & Babangida - Strange Bed Fellows

Buhari, have you no shame or common sense? You and Idiagbon were kicked out of office by Mr Gap-tooth General, Babangida and gang because they thought you were too high-handed and were not allowing the "tap to flow," to use the words of Adisa of sainted memory. When the "Prince of the Niger" landed in Dodan Barracks he opened the tap very wide so that he and his thieving cohort could drink unfettered of the Nigerian river of resources.

The consensus of the Nigerian polity is that the Gap-toothed one destroyed the social and cultural fabric of Nigeria. Within a few months, his administration reversed the gains that you and the great late Tunde Idiagbon had achieved in the 20 months you were in power. Corruption became entrenched and the norm. Babangida surrounded himself with so many sycophants. He rewarded their loyalty by running a laissez faire ship, thereby allowing them to dip their grubby fingers into the National till. In fact, in the Babangida days, it was widely believed that you were expected to enrich yourself and immediate family through self-awarded contracts or frank graft and proclaim your undying loyalty if you were appointed to a position that gave you access to National resources. You were sure to fall out of favour and lose your position if you did not do these. Only very few appointees like the late Tai Solarin, Prof. Ransome-Kuti and Wole Soyinka were exempt from this unwritten rule.

Buhari, by forming an alliance with this self-proclaimed evil genius are you not profaning the memory of your friend and able confidant, Idiagbon? Be careful. You were once betrayed by this fox, as you know, old habits and human character die hard. A word is enough for the wise.

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