Monday, March 28, 2011

Enough is Enough

From the debates, it may be inferred that the Buhari/Bakare ticket is the most desirable. Ribadu's responses to questions hinted that an autocrat belies the man, and his in-eloquence suggests that he needs more schooling in public speaking and diplomacy. He was great as EFCC chairman, but it is questionable if this automatically translates to a great president.

Buhari appears to have turned a new leaf. He has actually been consistent in his opposition against the PDP and apart from the PTF chairmanship he accepted under the Abacha regime, the man really has no stain. At least under his leadership in 1983-1985, He tried to undo the rot that the Shagari government had rendered Nigeria.

Shekerau has been a brilliant governor in Kano state, enjoying a high level of respect, perhaps even as high as Aminu Kano. He is the only governor not under investigation for corruption. While some governors have bought multi-million dollar mansions with looted state funds in various lush cities in Europe and America, Mallam Shekeru has only just begun construction of his first house ever.

Fola Adeola, Ribadu's VP seemed to know what he was talking about as did Shekerau. Oyegun, Shekerau's VP appears to spot an old-school mentality of divide and conquer, and thus did not complement the calm and studied intellect of his principal.

Bakare seems to have shed his erstwhile religious bigotry too, a good thing since half of Nigerians, whose VP he is aspiring to be is non-Christian. He succinctly and aptly put in perspective the impudence of the Jonathan/Sambo PDP by referring to their absence from the debates as the "arrogance of incumbency"

If the opinion of people like me should matter, the PDP should be voted out of office. They have been at the helm since 1999 and all Nigerians have reaped is the profligate celebration of corruption and ineptitude by PDP elected officials and appointees. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!


Chux said...

personally, from the debate, it was obvious that Ribadu has a plan that would be good for Nigerians to give a trial. I didn't really "feel" Buhari and I doubt if he knows what democracy is.

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Matthew said...

These past few months, Nigeria has been contemplating on change both old and young. But the truth is that APC cannot give us the change we so much desire. The reason is because the so called APC key campaigners and some former PDP members who joined APC are NOT symbols of change but a controversial instrument to deceive and divide people. When you have such people in the APC camp, what is the change they are coming with?
We really must be careful that we do not fall into their trap!
Vote wisely, vote JONATHAN for continuity.