Monday, January 22, 2007

Adedibu’s Mobocracy

Over the past two decades most, if not all the political upheavals of the ancient town of Ibadan have been allegedly instigated or fomented by Adedibu. In a style reminiscent of Busari Adelakun (Eru obodo) the NPN mystical warlock strongman of Ibadan politics in the second republic, Adedibu's power comes from the grassroots through thuggery, coercion, bribery and organization of the many fractious sects of Oyo politics into an unwieldy but nevertheless awkwardly cohesive mobocracy. Lamidi Adedibu, the self-styled political strongman and linchpin of the "keg of gun powder" that is Ibadan politics has once again overreached his liberties by his comportment in recent weeks.

Last week, his associates were arrested in Ogbomosho South Local Government of Oyo State for the illegal diversion and possession of two Direct Data Capture (DDC) machines belonging to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The machines were being used for the illegal multiple registration of voters, a crime that appears to be rampant amongst desperate politicians in the ongoing voter registration across the country. Not only was Adedibu implicated in the illegal multiple voter registration scheme by his associates, last week, he was also involved in the assault of Senator Lekan Balogun and his State Security Service (SSS) details resulting in the mugging and robbery of a service pistol from one of the SSS officers.

It is bewildering that the state director of the SSS, Mr. Raymond Nkidirim has only issued an ultimatum to Adedibu to return the gun along with a written apology or face arrest if he failed to comply. The questions that arise are (a) were crimes committed in the two incidents? (b) is Adedibu in complicity? If the answer to both questions in either incident is yes then Adedibu should be arrested and prosecuted forthwith like any other perpetrator. It appears Mr. Nkidirim’s threat is half-hearted. The SSS has never been known to forewarn perpetrators before arrest. If it really seeks to uphold professional ethics and not double standard, the SSS should arrest Adedibu without delay and stop issuing empty threats.


Anonymous said...

Hey man! Stick your stuff up where it can be seen. It is good. Try

Anonymous said...

All Nigerians are equal but some Nigerians are more equal than others.

In a country where money speaks, even when it can be proved you laid hands on it through illegal means, I wouldn't be too surprised at the SSS Director's action.

Lowla said...

I just saw your comment on my blog.. I thought u and vera were the same person.. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm not really into Nigerian politics cos it makes me SICK discussing it. Liars here and there, you actually don't know whom to believe..hehehe..I still love Nigeria though :-)
kudos to people like you..:-)

But I'll be sure to stop by to check updated issues.


Veracity said...

You've got that right. I wonder if the EFCC has any jurisdiction investigating graft among SSS officials.

Nice of you to drop by! I understand your distaste for Nigerian politics. It sickens me to the pit of my stomach too. My blogging serves a cathartic purpose.