Thursday, December 21, 2006

Atiku Bags AC's Presidential Ticket and Ten Others'

Democracy is a great thing. All that matters in a democracy is the will of the people, right or wrong. So long as the majority or their representatives vote on an issue, the principles of democracy dictate that the will of the people be done. Atiku’s nomination by Action Congress (AC) and ten other less influential parties as their presidential ticket bearer for the April, 2007 general elections is a testament to democracy, that is if the process of his nomination was democratic. From all indications, it appears to be, and is an expression of the parties’ protest to the ostracization of the Vice President from his original party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

AC’s nomination of the VP is a strategic ploy to win over a disgruntled, but considerably powerful political clique ostracized from the PDP as a fall out of in fighting within the ranks of the PDP echelon. Atiku leads this group, which includes people like former PDP chairman, Sunday Awoniyi amongst others. AC, which essentially has no political clout outside of the Nigerian southwest hopes to extend its clout to the constituencies in other regions of Nigeria from which these disgruntled ex-PDP bigwigs come. The adoption of Atiku by the other ten political parties of lesser influence should consolidate AC’s clout even more.

How the PDP would react to the adoption of Atiku by the rival political parties is unclear. One thing however is certain. Having accepted his adoption by these rival parties, Atiku has effectively resigned his membership of the PDP. It is also not clear if this means he ceases to be Vice President, it is unlikely though, particularly since he is under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and as long as he is VP is protected from prosecution as a result of the immunity conferred on him by the office. As at the time of posting this blog, it was reported that President Obasanjo had ordered that the VP not be availed the use of any of the jets in the presidential fleet for his political campaigns.

The Obasanjo/Atiku duo is probably one of the worst relationships between a president and his vice in history. While the one does not want to fire the other because he does not want to appear too high-handed and vindictive, the other does not want to resign so as not to appear weak, and lose the immunity from prosecution that his office confers. The next few weeks should be interesting as we watch the battle between these two play out.


Nilla said... that what we're practicing in Nigeria? (just a rhetorical question)

Anonymous said...

According to Fela, "demonstration of craze" is what we practice in Nigeria.

Omodudu said...

God dey

Unknown said...

The marriage of convenience between both men was always doomed to fail. Obasanjo had a job to do. It needed a platform. The PDP was chosen by concerned people . This party as we all know was a motley crew of corrupt politicians and ex Army men intent on maintaining the status quo. we have to actually respect IBB for having the courage to ask OBJ to wade in. he must have known OBJ is his own man.

The AC would have been credible were it not for the fact that
Like Atiku it hosts a lot of corrupt politicians and ex civil servants who use the word democracy as a meal ticket.
I now see a pattern which your earlier posts have explained . Is not not possible that Atiku and people like Tinubu who was once questioned by the American DEA are contesting because only as elected politicans can they escape prosecution post 2007.

The ANPP alliance has people who are united by their Huge Egos. I read Mr Olu Falae's assertion that he won the 1999 election. That is laughable . even i knew it was no contest.he lost and shouldn't even have won the AD ticket.
Mr Buhari is no better. Haugty and often rude when addressing his opponent. His demeanour is not what Nigeri needs to move forward.