Saturday, December 31, 2005

Open Letter to President Obasanjo

Dear President Obasanjo,

Well done this past year. You did well with our $18billion debt relief, and all the activities of EFCC. Keep up the good work.

My only advise to you is that you make a definitive statement that you will not be staying in office past 2007 as prescribed by the constitution you swore to uphold. Everybody in the world holds you in high regard because you handed over to a democratically elected government in 1979. This singular act earned you a place forever in history as the first Nigerian leader, and indeed one of the first in all of Africa to voluntarily cede power. For this alone you are put on the same pedestal as great leaders like Mandela and Julius Nyerere.

Please, I beg you, do not taint this laudable status that you enjoy by harkening to the call of good-for-nothing sycophants who's intent for wanting you to sit tight is driven by selfish ends. Especially the call by some thieving low-lifes in the state government houses who debase the honourable office of "governor" by their shameful and debauched acts. They want to perpetuate themselves in office so they can continue to enjoy the protection of that warped kink in our constitution - "immunity for governors."

OBJ, I trust you to do what is right. Great leaders, and your good friends like Jimmy Carter and Andrew Young will be disappointed in you if you sit tight. Besides, you will be put in the same category as rogue leaders like Mobutu and Abacha if you chose to sit tight. This will be a betrayal to many of your ardent supporters.

Do the right thing. Make a definitive statement to put those seeking your downfall to shame.


Concerned Nigerian

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